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The jihadist group claimed responsibility a day after the mass shooting, saying it was revenge for Turkish military involvement in Syria. Masharipov was captured with an Iraqi man and three women from Africa, one of them from Egypt, in the Esenyurt district on Istanbul's western outskirts, about 30 km (19 miles) from the Reina nightclub. Two pistols, mobile phone SIM cards, and $197,000 in cash were also seized, Sahin said. Dogan news agency published a photo of the alleged attacker with a black eye, a cut above his eyebrow and bloodstains on his face and t-shirt. It broadcast footage showing plain-clothes police leading a man in a white sweater to a waiting car. He was being questioned at Istanbul police headquarters, while other people were detained in raids across the city targeting Uzbek Islamic State cells, the state-run Anadolu news agency said. The gunman appeared to have repeatedly changed addresses before and after the attack. Remaining in Istanbul, he evaded a 16-day nationwide manhunt that included operations in cities from Izmir on the Aegean coast, to Konya in central Anatolia, and Hatay near the southern border with Syria. "Five addresses were tracked and operations were carried out against them.

Pirri signed a one year deal with the Rangers in the off-season, hoping to contribute to the teams new-found depth. Jeff Gorton gave Pirri the chance, and Pirri has been unable to capitalize. Rather than criticizing Gorton for this, we should be praising the General Manager. The New York Rangers need more from Brandon Pirri. Its no secret that the power-play specialist has been a disaster for New York. Pirri was signed for three reasons: to add depth, provide a snipers mentality, and aid the struggling power-play. Pirri technically has added depth, but his defensive game is severely lacking. For the most part Pirris existence is a positive for depth only in that he prevents players like Tanner Glass from entering the lineup. Yet Pirri does not provide any abilities that others cannot, serving instead as an expensive flyer gone wrong.

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